Steve Eason


2016: a photo diary

Photojournalist Steve Eason presents his year in pictures. My 2016, in 38 chronological pictures, as a London-based lefty photographer contributing to rs21 and other websites. The year...

Hundreds protest in solidarity with deported Byron Burgers workers

Yesterday around 500 people took part in a protest outside Byron Burgers in Holborn, Central London. Protests also took place in other cities around...

Topshop targeted for victimisation of union activists

Photos by Steve Eason. On 14 May United Voices of The World organised a national protest at Topshop stores around the UK, calling for a...

Fascists humiliated in Dover

Steve Eason, Kate Bradley and Ashmeet T report from the counter-demonstration against the far-right South East Alliance, who marched through Dover in very small...

Peckham Community Pride 20/2/16 – report with photos and video

Report, photos and video by Steve Eason Peckham Community Pride, a political, non-commercial march through SE15 from Peckham Library down Rye Lane, protested the anti-immigration raids...

‘These cuts will not heal’ – student nurses march for bursaries

On Saturday 9 January, thousands of student nurses and their supporters marched on Downing Street to protest the government's proposal to replace current bursaries with loans.

Thousands show solidarity with refugees at London demo

Steve Eason reports:  Following the public response to news reports of refugee deaths in the Mediterranean and the recent publicity of the struggles of refugees camped...

RMT strike over services and safety

RMT members are striking to defend services after First Great Western have failed to guarantee that there will continue to be a guard and...

Protest as Ealing Maternity Unit threatened with closure

Protests continue against the end of maternity services in Ealing, reports Steve Eason. Today the Clinical Commissioning Group for Ealing held its public consultation at...

Pictures and reflections from FBU strike

Steve Eason reports from the strike rally organised by the FBU earlier this week.  It was clear from local reports most striking firefighters were making...

Latest articles

Hong Kong: mass protests in the rain

In his latest dispatch from Hong Kong, Colin Sparks reflects on the significance of yesterday’s illegal mass demonstration.

The Importance of Colin Barker

Mike Haynes offers a tribute to revolutionary socialist thinker and organiser Colin Barker

‘Dear Sisters of the Earth’: Peterloo bicentenary

Women were a particular target of the violence at Peterloo on 16 August 1819. We publish an extract from an address by the Manchester Female Reform Society delivered shortly before the massacre.

Review: Stolen Moments

Mark Winter welcomes a new exhibition celebrating Namibia's unsung musical heroes, and remembers the time when the artist Jackson Kaujewa came to stay with his family.

Review: Urban Warfare

Kate Bradley reviews Urban Warfare by Raquel Rolnik, an important investigation into how capitalism has shaped housing for its own ends

Tensions rise in Hong Kong

Colin Sparks reports on the latest developments in Hong Kong, where the movement on the streets is showing impressive resilience as direct pressure from Beijing builds.
Marching lines of police stretching into the distance near parliament

200 years after Peterloo, do we face a new wave of repression?

As we approach the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre, Ian Allinson argues that the right are pressing Boris Johnson to introduce a new wave of repression.
Protesters with Save Our Shipyard banner

Harland and Wolff: occupying for nationalisation, jobs and the climate

Workers at Belfast's Harland and Wolff shipyard are fighting to save their jobs and demanding nationalisation as the employer goes into administration.
Large crowd, Shatin, Hong Kong

Mass mobilisation shakes Hong Kong

Colin Sparks reports from Hong Kong, where strikes and protests are shaking the government.

Waltham Forest Pride: we can’t arrest our way to liberation

Police protection for LGBT people may be a mark of social progress - but liberation does not come from getting the cops on side


Popular uprising and the fight for independence in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's mass movement and general strike have brought a corrupt US-backed neoliberal administration to its knees

revolutionary reflections | Theatre of the Oppressed as a political method

Sophie Coudray introduces the work of the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal and the potential of its method for revolutionary praxis.

revolutionary reflections | Value, force, many states and other problems: part 3

In the third and final part of his essay on violence and capitalist social relations, Colin Barker insists that capitalist states cannot be theorised without recognising their multiplicity.

Between Sartre and Cliff: Ian Birchall, a heterodox Marxist’s trajectory

Selim Nadi conducts a wide-ranging interview with long-standing revolutionary socialist Ian Birchall.

Review: What’s Wrong With Rights?

Radha D'Souza's investigation into the international liberal rights regime is a welcome intervention that should make us question the framework of 'rights'.