rs21 members

rs21 members
Norfolk NEU UCU PCS RMT ASLEF strike protest march in Norwich. Signs call for more funding for teachers, held by women, smiling, at a march.

#IWD2023: women fight across the globe

On International Women's Day, rs21 members share 13 inspiring examples of women fighting for liberation and against capitalism and state repression.
Seoul, South Korea

South Korea: updates from recent struggles

A South Korean socialist talks about union struggles, parliamentary politics and Me Too
Counter demo at the Honor Oak pub, London.

Mobilising against the convergence of the far right and transphobia

Across Britain last weekend, far-right elements and transphobes of various stripes were threatening to organise in large numbers. Several rs21 members took part in...

January 2023’s week of resistance

Photographs celebrating the wave of protests and industrial action that swept Britain last week.
Protest outside RWE office

Climate protest: London stands with Lützerath

A corporate polluter is demolishing a village to expand a coal mine
collage of images detailed in piece: Granny Made Me an Anarchist, Squid Game, Ballad of a White Cow and Francis Bacon.

2022 cultural highlights

rs21 members round up some of the cultural highlights from 2022.
Image shows a group of protesters holding signs including 'Life is where you live', 'Hold ladnlords accountable' and 'Freeze rents not renters'.

Tenants’ unions fight back against rocketing rents

rs21 members report on December's tenants' union protests against some of the largest estate agents in England.
March on Waterloo bridge

Thousands march for climate justice

Marches took place on Saturday in cities including Edinburgh, Blackpool and London.
Image shows a high green fence lined with protesters banging metal items against it.

End immigration detention! Ways to take action

Want to get involved in campaigns against immigration detention? We highlight the work of some key campaigns.
Outlines of Britain with a photo of a TUC rally in the background and triangles dotted around locations of major strikes and protests on October 1 2022. Logos on the side: CWU, ASLEF, RMT, Unite, Just Stop Oil, Enough is Enough, Don't Pay energy bills, and People's Assembly Against Austerity

What is happening this Saturday?

rs21 members have compiled a quick roundup of the strikes, protests and actions taking place on 1 October. 

Latest articles

photo of a mine

Extraction of raw materials could rise 60% by 2060 – and making mining ‘greener’...

Gareth Dale debunks the notion that mass extraction of minerals is necessary for an ecologically sustainable society.

What it means to say Trump will govern like a fascist

Many Democrats argue that Trump is a fascist and demand that the Left subordinate everything to the call to resist him, but we have to organise against the rise of authoritarianism.

The Post Office scandal is typical of today’s Britain

"The light in this darkness is that people are standing up and demanding justice."

The Tory meltdown continues

Rachel Iboraii celebrates the Tories’ latest by-election losses and looks at what this tells us about the prospects for the upcomin general election.

Toward decolonisation: the struggle for Palestine today – interview with Tareq Baconi

Spectre Journal interviewed Tareq Baconi, author of Hamas Contained, about 7 October, Israel’s genocide, and the state of the Palestinian resistance and its implication for the region and world.

Stand with Gaza: Palestine solidarity reports round-up

rs21 members round up some Palestine solidarity events that happened over the last week.


rs21 – the first ten years

For the tenth anniversary of the launch of rs21, Jonny Jones reflects on a decade of activity, our ups and downs, challenges and achievements, and considers our hopes for the future.

Palestine 101: A century of Palestinian resistance

Shireen Akram-Boshar discusses the history of Palestinian resistance to colonialism.

Into the abyss: On the Argentinian elections.

As Argentina lurches to the right, Adam Fabry analyses the rise of Javier Milei

What’s going on in Unite? | Part 1

Unite activist Raymond Morell assesses Sharon Graham's leadership of the union. Part 1.

Hope amid the horror: Palestinian resistance after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

Anindya Bhattacharyya analyses Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and its repercussions for resistance to occupation and imperialism.
Troublemakers logo

‘Troublemakers at Work’: Why trade unions need a militant rank-and-file

'Troublemakers' brought trade unionists and activists together to discuss the importance of a militant rank-and-file.