Mitch Mitchell


15 October could be a dark day for refugees in Calais

It has been strongly rumoured that the threatened closure and demolition of the refugee camp in Calais, often referred to as "The Jungle" will commence on 15 October at 5am.

“Squeezing a quart into a pint pot”: the current situation in...

After the destruction of people's homes there was temporary reduction in the numbers of refugees living in Calais, but many are now returning. The only people who are profiting from this stalemate are the people traffickers.

Rumble in the “Jungle”

Mitch Mitchell reports on the French state's destruction in the Calais refugee camp on February 29.

Resist the forcible eviction of Calais refugees

While conditions in 'the Jungle' refugee camp in Calais have long been harsh, many residents are resisting the French government's attempts to move them to new accommodation.

Calais and the refugee crisis: building solidarity and thinking through the...

Mitch Mitchell from London2Calais looks back at six months of activism to deliver aid to refugees trapped in northern France.

Fascist success in the French elections: what will it mean for...

There has been a growing hostility to the refugees in the Calais camps, particularly since the Paris killings. Mitch Mitchell reflects on what the electoral success of the Front National in the French regional elections will mean for the refugees.

Police intimidate, harass and attack refugees with rubber bullets at Calais...

Mitch Mitchell was an eyewitness to police intimidation at 'The Jungle' in Calais last week where rubber bullets were used to attack refugees. 

Two stories from Calais

On Saturday 19 September, members of the London2Calais took part in a demonstration of solidarity with the refugees at the camp in Calais, known as "The Jungle". Here are two stories they brought back with them.

Cambridge rallies to refugee cause

Mitch Mitchell reports on a march and rally in support of refugees in Cambridge.

Convoy to Calais part 2

Mitch Mitchell continues his report from the convoy to Calais, bringing food, clothes and solidarity to the migrants camped there.

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Crowd on protest applauding

Germany’s Namibia Genocide Apology: the limits of decolonising the past

Heike Becker writes about the recent agreement between the German and Namibian governments to benefit the Ovaherero and Nama communities affected by colonial genocide.
Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer. Keywords: antisemitism anti-semitism Labour Party racist racism

Labour: socialists and witch-hunters

Ian Allinson and Rachel Eborall take up the issue of Starmer’s purges in the Labour Party and respond to Conti and Woody’s claim that the party represents the progressive petty bourgeoisie.

Flooding in Germany is a man-made disaster

Trade unionist and climate organiser Mark Bergfeld discusses the economics and politics of the floods in Germany since mid-July which have killed over 180 people.

Starmer’s purges and the problem with Labour

Finlay Conti and Gus Woody look at the Labour Party's history to understand the meaning of Starmer's purge, what it tells us about Labour's inability to represent the working class, and how Marxists go forward from here.

Remembering Utøya

We cannot allow the memory of the Utøya massacre ten years ago to be co-opted and depoliticised. Breivik's murderous Islamophobia and his hatred of the Left display affinities with far more mainstream political ideology.

Gender and nationalism: Breivik’s ‘Western values’

Breivik's political motivations for committing the massacre have been consistently side-lined. But when examined, his far-right politics demonstrate clear affinities with much more mainstream right-wing ideology.


Remembering Utøya

We cannot allow the memory of the Utøya massacre ten years ago to be co-opted and depoliticised. Breivik's murderous Islamophobia and his hatred of the Left display affinities with far more mainstream political ideology.

Marx, the Paris Commune & socialism’s two souls: What liberation are we fighting for?

At the heart of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, recalled Engels, was the idea that “the emancipation of the workers must be the act of the working class itself.”

The Nakba never ended. Victory to the Intifada

For 73 years Palestinians have not only mourned the Nakba but refused to accept its continuation.
March with banners reading 'end fire & rehire' and 'Unite Queen's Road branch'

Ongoing Manchester bus strike defeats fire and rehire

The longest bus strike in British history is poised to win after a campaign involving an indefinite strike, community solidarity and a leverage strategy.
View from the city walls as Loyalists prepare a bonfire in the Fountain estate in Derry

What’s behind the riots in the North of Ireland?

The riots in the North of Ireland must be understood in the context of continued sectarian division and state repression.
Image of Kill the Bill protesters in Parliament Square

#KillTheBill – where it came from, where it’s going

Th Police Bill is an assault on us all and an attack on us all must be met by resistance from us all. Unity and solidarity must be the clarion call of this movement.