General Election 2019

As we approach the General Election on 12 December 2019, we are calling on all our members, our readers and our supporters to mobilise against the Conservative Party and for the election of a Corbyn government.

Read the rs21 Steering Group statement on the General Election here.

Read the comment on #GE2019 from our comrades in Scotland here.

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Support the strikes!

Workers in the UCU union in Higher Education are on strike for eight days of the election campaign, from 25-29 November and 2-4 December. This will include the next climate strike on Friday 29 November. 

These strikes provide an opportunity to set the political agenda, linking workers’ rights and the struggle for climate justice. This is the terrain on which we want Labour to fight and win the General Election, and this is a fight that will have to continue past 12 December whoever wins the election.

Postal workers have also voted overwhelmingly for strike action, but are currently being blocked by a court injunction. We need a Labour government to overturn the existing draconian anti-strike legislation, but we cannot simply wait for a change in the law to be delivered from above.

Above all, get involved!

General Elections open the opportunity for millions of political conversations. These give socialists the chance to talk about the world we want to see, and this election comes during a defining period in our planetary history.

So get involved, campaign for the election of a Corbyn government, but also help build a movement that can go further and deal with the climate emergency and end capitalism and oppression in all its forms.