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Unite banner on TUC demo

Unite elections: An interview with Howard Beckett

There are three candidates competing for the left vote in the Unite elections. rs21 interviewed Howard Beckett about his election platform.

Who should be Unite’s next General Secretary?

Campaigning for Unite's general secretary election is underway. None of the candidates is ideal, but rs21 argues for critical support for Sharon Graham.

rs21 member publication deals

This page has publication deals for rs21 members only. Pamphlets You can order a set of four rs21 pamphlets for just £7 including postage (normally £11 plus postage). Stocks of Unite Against Trident are very limited so...

Online meeting for rs21 members who can’t get to local meetings

This is a first attempt at an rs21 meeting for members who can't get to local group meetings. Debates about the general election and Brexit referendum have brought to the fore conflicting views of the working class. Despite differing understandings of class, most people identify as working class. However, we are a long way from a united working class that is conscious of its interests and power. Rachel Eborall will lead off the discussion on class. We will allow time after the main discussion to talk about if and how to follow up on a regular basis - so bring your ideas about what you'd like to discuss.

How students supported the miners’ strike: an activist remembers

On 6 March 1984, the walkout at Cortonwood Colliery signalled the beginning of the 1984-85 miners' strike. Colin Revolting remembers how he and his fellow students supported the miners.

Unite against Trident

Brian Parkin and Raymond M wrote a pamphlet taking on the arguments about Trident, the arms industry and diversification into socially useful production. Unite against Trident was published in 2016 as an intervention into...

Fujitsu workers to strike as company dismisses chair of Unite union

The Chair of Unite in Fujitsu UK was dismissed on Friday 12 January as part of a "redundancy" process that has targeted union activists.

Growing the grassroots in Unite

In April 2017, Ian Allinson stood in the Unite General Secretary election as a grassroots candidate. Recently, warnings have been raised about the long-term decline in trade union membership. At the same time, trade unions...

revolutionary reflections | The KPD and the United Front during the Weimar Republic

This article by Marcel Bois was originally published in a collection of essays in German by Marx21 on the German Communist Party (KPD). It sets out the history of the United Front in Germany from the...

Unite after the General Secretary election

Unite member Kate Bradley reflects on her experiences campaigning for grassroots socialist Ian Allinson in this year's Unite General Secretary election.