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Last week, an anti-trans activist with several thousand Twitter followers started a pile-on against the Salford-based Working Class Movement Library (WCML) over their decision to include rs21’s new ‘Fighting Transphobia’ pamphlet in their newsletter. She went on to share an image identifying a trans rs21 member by name, with a caption misgendering her and accusing her of being ‘anti-woman’ because she is trans and dares to speak publicly. Online harassment is not out of character for transphobes, it’s a standard tactic to isolate individuals and manufacture crises for organisations.

In response to the coordinated attack, WCML has circulated a message to its mailing list in which it not only backs down, but accepts transphobic arguments. WCML claimed that the pamphlet was promoted in error, expressed ‘sincere regret’ and apologised for ‘confusion, offence or upset that may have been caused.’ The statement does not refer to any quote or argument from the pamphlet – presumably ‘Fighting Transphobia’ is offensive all on its own. 

Here is the real source of confusion: Does the WCML believe that trans people have the right to advocate for their own liberation, or not? If the WCML welcomes discussion and is against discrimination, then why did they distance themselves from the pamphlet?

As an organisation rooted in working-class history, the WCML knows about the powerful histories of solidarity and struggle against oppression. And the long tradition of publishing and sharing radical materials is a part of that history that they know better than most. A feminist and socialist politics of solidarity must lead us to reject the bad faith arguments of transphobes claiming to speak for women. We call on the WCML to withdraw their apology, and to instead affirm a commitment to trans liberation and inclusion. 

– rs21 Steering Group

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Signed by:

Anti*Capitalist Resistance Council
A*CR Trans*Mission
Partisan Collective
Manchester Leftist Action
Ebb Magazine
Girl Gang Manchester
Transgender Action Block
No Borders Manchester
Edinburgh IWW
Youth Front for Palestine
Paul Murphy TD – Member of Irish Parliament for People Before Profit
Ekua Bayunu – Green Councillor for Hulme
Graham Campbell – SNP Socialists, Glasgow City Council & STUC Black Workers Committee
Rhian Elinor Keyse – UCU NEC
Ray Goodspeed – LGBTQ officer – Leyton and Wanstead CLP. Founder member of LGSM
Alice Thompson – Feminist Library
Laura Moseley – Founder, Common Threads Press
Mallory Moore – Community activist and harm researcher with Trans Safety Network
Ian Allinson – Manchester TUC exec member
Hannah Dee – Author, Red in the Rainbow
Michael Richmond – Author, Fractured
Joseph Healy – Transform Politics Steering Committee member
Ian Parker – ACR North
Fred Leplat – AntiCapitalist Resistance
Kelly Rogers – Editor, Women’s Fightback
Laurence Jones-Williams – Lipman Miliband Trust
Amardeep Singh Dhillon – Programme Co-ordinator at The World Transformed, BFAWU branch secretary
Anita Downs – Branch Chair, Unite, SEL Medical
Nicola Redwood – Unite Branch Secretary
Raymond Morell – Unite rep Aerospace and Shipbuilding, Scotland
Martin Barrett – Unite rep Aerospace
Graham Checkley – Unite Retired Equalities Rep
Leslie Cunningham – Unite Scotland LGBT+ Committee member
Adam DC – UNITE Shop Steward
Olivia Ouwehand – Equality Officer, Unite branch NW389
James Bowen – Secretary, Unite London Digital & Tech branch LE7098L
Rachel Eborall – Unite Rep, Treasurer, South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust
Mike Thompson – Unite rep and chair of LE62 CYWNFP Unite Branch
Nicholas Cimini – Branch secretary of EIS at Edinburgh Napier
Daniel Randall – Chair, RMT Bakerloo line branch & Workers’ Liberty
Russell Christie – Doctoral researcher in LGBTQ history
Tom Gann – Editor New Socialist
josie sparrow – Editor, New Socialist / Theorist & writer.
Christopher Holmes – Greater Manchester Transport Unison Branch
Inbar Tamari – Hackney NEU pc
Paul Gerrard – Bury NEU
Tom Bolton – Joint Branch and District Secretary, Bristol NEU
John Stephens – NEU rep in Waltham Forest
Andy Cunningham – NEU South West Lancashire Asst. Dist Secretary
Lou Hayton – NEU rep
Ruth Aylett – Heriot-Watt University and College Union Committee
Alex McIntyre – Olympia Democratic Socialists of America
Nick Marro – PCS Culture Group President
Liat Norris – PCS rep
Marley Lloyd Phelps – People Before Profit
Aron Calvert – People Before Profit
Robin Koenig – People Before Profit Cork City branch convener
Jane Morris – Secretary – Built On Blood
Zad El Bacha – Staff organiser with London Renters Union
Mark Foley – Trade union rep
Nick Smith – Transform Politics (Cymru)
Sam O’Brien – Rochdale UNISON Communication Officer
David Radford – Unison Steward and International Officer
Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin – UNISON steward, Uni of Edinburgh branch
Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen – IWW and SAC (Sweden)
Daisy Berrington – Manchester Leftist Action
Lois Jc
xenia ricart
Patrick Stack
Hazel Croft
Roland Rance
Margarita Towl
Susan Pashkoff
Kati Silverberg
Despina Mavrou
Neil Rogall
Frances Pilling
Jack Newbold
Ian Stone
Toby Atkinson
Charlie Hore
Andy Stone
Colin Fancy
Rob Marsden
John Walker
Evan Sedgwick-Jell
Karen Hamilton
Sam Kelly
Matthew Lee
Alyssa Steiner
Terry Conway
Ben Philpott
Sarah Gillibrand
Jaice Titus
Harry Holmes
Philip Ward
Jonny Jones
Anna Southern
Amie Kirby
Ellis Graham
Richard Lighten
Marilyn Kelly
Christine House
David Renton
Daniel Eales
Lauren O’Donoghue
Sean Barker
Ruairidh MacLean
David Longworth
Sol Sanders-Farmer
Simon Walpole
Taz Sue Stephens
Gregory Monk
Jake Clancy
Charlotte Clare
Lynn Roxby
Colin Wilson
Imogen Clarke
Thomas Smith
Imelda Messenger
Jake Fremantle
Grant Buttars
Promise Li
Peter Agland
Sara Bennett
Ian Whiteside
Theo Feyerherm
Fionnuala Gregan
Jonathan Atkinson
Anna McCully Stewart
Nuria Prat-Ortilles
Megan Griffith
Gareth Dale
Simon Hales
Amy Mcgourty
Derek Fraser
Jordan Linton
Tracy Edwards
Simon Tucker
Maisie Smith
Avie Clarke
Billie Reynolds
Kate Bradley
Shiraz Hussain
Holly Newton
Taisie Tsikas
Mark Findlay
Lisa Risbec
Pete Firmin
Ali Goveas
Sarah Krasewitz
Dominic Murphy
Olivia Keegan Carr
Lynne Hodge
Yunus Bakhsh
Isabella Gökcen
Sandra Wyman
Emma Warren
Rachael Tomlinson
Vik K-F
Norman Doughty
Miranda Moore
Steve Conway
Isabel Taube
Philip Inglesant
Sabine Sharp
Isabel Hay
Jessica Braithwaite
Natalie Bosworth
Jane Connor
Lisa Leak
Ian Venables
Suz Williams
Russell Child
Nicola Ginsburgh
Ron Smith
Jacob Gower
Nigel Shaw
Gerard Galvin-Barrie
Tania Stein
Alex Mees
Chantal Wilson
Ashwin Caffery
William Macluskie
Ashley White
Lauren Aitken
Isobel Cecil
Liam Miller
Katie Richards
Élise Hendrick
Mira El Bacha
Chiara Busca
Jak Webb
Claire Rhatigan
Genevieve Collister Brown
Carole Millard
Phil Gasper
Coral Price
Nichola Black
Char Heather
Benjamin Thomas
Ali Brown
Mandy Tiffany
kate doran
Pip Williams
Xan Hughes
Richard Belbin
Rachael Whitaker
Jack Decie
Úna O’Sullivan
Andreas Chari
Catherine SG
Eamonn Connor
Barney Carroll
Max Sharp
Tony Boardman
Charlie Nind – McDonald
Alex Ross
Annette Rimmer
Tim Kerr
Bobby Brill
Lucinda Murray
Nishikant Sheorey
Rebecca McCormick
Morgan Powell
Charli Williams
Steph Paton
Dylan Goveas
Tom Emery
Caspar Harris
Linden McMahon
Simran Uppal
Jess Fairbairn
Brian Marden
Yvonne Beddow
Hope Hunt
Elizabeth Bailey
Sarah Thompson-Cook
Carrie Montgomery
Khalil Deka
Ruby Sherwood-Martin
Hannah Machover
Kristina Macdonald
Meg Challinor
Hayley Johns
Daniel Stocker
Bea Anastasia
Kat Thompson
Eleanor Bullen
David Smith
Michael Richmond
Maddy Hubbard
Ella Marshall
Lisa Puttlitz
Natalie Hendricks
Tom Greenwood
Rowan Fortune
Richard Farnos
Lewis Hodder
Megan Griffith
Steve Eason
Alison Stevenson
Federica Silva
Chris Jones
Mark Winter
Roderick Cobley
Gwynne Reddick
Kathleen Whitehead
Dylan Dunnett
Evan Smith
Julia Mountain
Becca Kirkpatrick
Yasemin Acikgoz
Alison Treacher
Naomi Howard
Meriam Mabrouk
Alex Keel
Baylee Sowter-Halling
Leila Prakti
Ciara O’Sullivan
Helen Jockel
Anthony Lockhart
Sam McNeil
Meline Gangloff
Daniel Frost
Daira Emma Hopwood
Callum Friend
Sam Feeney
Laura Leigh
Martin Jones
Rosa Akerman
Alex Mclaren
Kate Davison
Lily Evans
Rae Wells
Alex Read
Neil Kirkham
Katy Coope
Ila Colley
Georgie Milner
Melania Pahome
Charlotte Bence
Stephanie Webber
Beth Cropper
FIona Hughes
Marion Dawson
Mish Green
Somhairle Mag Uidhir
Anna Dent
Mark Nixon
David Thomas
Helen Beesley
Alex Mckendrick
Steven Skinner
Fire Raven
Jodie Collins
Laurel Pettitt
Stevie Mackenzie-Smith
Victoria Cann
Andrew McCamley
Julia Georgiou
Dave Kaye
Bernadette Phillips
ellio markatis
Binni Brynolf
Peter Barlow
Derek Wall
Julie Osman
Laurence Cox
Manuel Fernandes
Nick Hubble
Donna Dee
Harry Eyre
Yolanda Imoke
Nora Rhiannon
dj muel
Natalie Ayres
Cassi Swift
Aurora Törrönen
Ren Kelb-Lancaster
spike cooper
Jonathan Puthoff
Toby Stewart
Steven Skinner
Paul Moorhouse
Zoe Cattan
Bob Goupillot
Harper Hutcheon
Jason Pike
Jamie MacDonald
Eric Fretz
Nell Stockton
Jon Gamble
Roberto Mozzachiodi
Ana Milusheva
Nina Hammill
Katrina Gaffney
Mingyue Xi
John Wood
Joel Rasbash
Gill George
Jade Grogan
Siobhan Mooney
Benjamin Thomas
Steph Denney
Wyatt Elliano

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