Video: The state of transphobia in Britain

In December, rs21 organised a meeting ‘Transphobia in Britain: Building the Fightback’. The four speeches given at the meeting are now available on our YouTube channel. 

The first speaker, Evren, is a community care activist. His talk gives a lowdown on transphobia in Britain over the last decade, approaches taken by trans activists and allies, and ideas for how this needs to change. This recording is audio-only but includes closed captions.

The second speaker, Julian, describes their experience trying to access healthcare as a trans teenager. They found the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) obstructive and useless, and were forced to go to a private provider, leaving them unable to afford care they should be receiving on the NHS.

Watch this space for the second pair of talks from this event, from Charlotte Powell and Jules Joanne Gleeson.


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