Artivists at Work

Horrified by the UK government’s response to Covid-19, activists/artists Tony Aldis and Colin Revolting came together in fear and fury. They formed Artivists at Work and began producing instant graphic responses to the news and movements.

Here we publish some highlights from the past month and details of how to follow their work and – better still – get involved.

With 1000 followers already (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), Artivists at Work have created a platform for oppositional memes, images and cartoons. Artivists at Work encourage others to use them in campaigns, share on social media and suggest new ideas and images.

Facebook Artivists at Work

Instagram Artivistsatwork

Twitter ArtivistsW

See: Mike Downham, ‘Rising up against the science’

See: Charlie Burton, ‘Winston Churchill: the man, the myth, the murderer’

See: Stacey Williams, ‘Patients deserve more than a DNR form’

See: Charlie Jarsve, ‘Grenfell and the instrumentalization of suffering’

See: Ian Allinson, ‘Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living’




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