Video: Not safe to return to school or work

Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday meant unsafe crowded transport on Monday. In this video, Ian Allinson explains how the government is trying to force people back to unsafe schools and workplaces without significantly changing its lockdown rules. It is relying on the huge gaps in the rules which meant many non-essential workplaces have been open throughout. Parents, school students and workers are fighting back despite a weak reaction from the Labour leadership and most union leaders.

Resisting a return to unsafe schools will be vital to prevent a large scale return to unsafe workplaces. Parents, pupils and school staff are holding an online meeting after the clapping on Thursday to organise against going back to schools before it is safe.


  1. It’s just crazy to send children back to schools without comprehensive systematic testing at the minimum. Really, the only safety is the advent of either a treatment that mitigate the effects so people don’t risk dying from this disease, or a vaccine. With neither of those on hand, and no systematic testing, what parent is going to send their kid to a school full of kids, some of which are certain to be vectors — unless the lash of the market forces them to go back. That said, children don’t really want to be locked up with their parents and vice versa, and we all want to get out and get back to work — but take that chance in only the most safe conditions possible: testing, testing, testing, mandatory and enforced social distancing, slow down production, and so on, to make it possible to work in reasonable safety util the day that vaccine arrives.

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