Video: What future for Ireland?

Video highlights from Eamonn McCann and Maev McDaid speaking at an rs21 meeting in London, discussing the future of Ireland, 50 years after British troops went in, as the DUP prop up a Tory British government grappling with Brexit, and in the light of struggles for women’s and LGBTQ rights on both sides of the border.

Eamonn McCann was one of the organisers of the civil rights movement in Derry in 1968, the election agent for Bernadette Devlin, helped set up the Bloody Sunday Justice Capmaign, wrote War and an Irish Town, was one of the Raytheon 9 acquitted of of criminal damage following a protest against arms sales during Israel’s 2006 attack on Lebanon, and is a People Before Profit Councillor in Derry.

Maev McDaid is a reproductive rights activist and socialist from Derry, and was heavily involved in the recent campaign to abolish the Eighth Amendment which effectively banned abortion in the Republic of Ireland. She is a researcher in the Department of Sociological Studies at Sheffield University.


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