Video: How to strike for climate in your workplace

On Friday 21 June, youth strikers will be taking action for the climate in the UK around the world again. Now they have put out a call for adults to join them in a global general strike for the climate on 20 September, and rank and file trade unionists are taking up the call. In this video, Ian Allinson gives some suggestions about how you can take part, whether you work in a unionised workplace or not.

Maximising solidarity for the youth strikers this Friday will also help build up momentum towards September. What can you do? Can you attend the protests, share solidarity photos or videos, hold lunchtime meetings or rallies outside work?

UPDATE: Since the video was made, organisations have agreed on the date of 20 September, not 27 September for the strike

(Photo credits: Steve Eason, Katherine Hearst and Ian Allinson.)



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