Trump’s visit: fake photo round-up

Donald Trump claimed that the protests against his state visit to the UK this week (3-5 June 2019) were ‘fake news’. While the protests were on a smaller scale than his previous visit, we have still managed to collect a few fake photos of the demonstrations that didn’t happen around the UK.

Photos by Steve Eason, Hanna Gal, John Walker and Pete Cannell.

London 4 June 2019. Photo: Steve Eason

On Monday night, Feminist Antifascist Action were ready with a banner to meet Trump’s motorcade as he arrived for his state banquet at Buckingham Palace:

London, 3 June 2019. Photo: Hanna Gal

Meanwhile, there were demonstrations around the UK, including in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh 3 June 2019. Photo: Pete Cannell
Photo: Pete Cannell

In Oxford:

Photo: John Walker
Photo: John Walker

Trump has suggested that the NHS is ‘on the table’ in a future trade deal. Protesters in London had a message for him:

London 4 June. Photo: Steve Eason

Milkshakes were at the ready:

Photo: Steve Eason

Speakers at the rally on Whitehall included Jeremy Corbyn:

and Caroline Lucas:

Activists from Extinction Rebellion joined the demonstration:

Photo: Steve Eason

As did migrant community organisations:

All with the same basic message to Donald Trump:

Photo: Steve Eason



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