To the climate strikers: thank you for teaching us a lesson

A message of thanks to the youth strikers taking to the streets to demand action on climate change in the UK and around the world again today.

15 March 2019, London. Photo: Katherine Hearst

We care deeply about our planet, and we’re scared. We’re scared about climate change and about the terrible prospects it brings for the world and for those who inhabit it.

Thank you for taking strike action and for teaching us a lesson. You’ve taught us that young people also care deeply about the environment. You’ve taught us not to give up hope – if you care enough to strike (despite being told off by the Prime Minister Theresa May!), then we all have a duty to step up and to fight for a better world. We want to learn more from you about how we can do this.

  • What do you see as being a win for your movement? What would need to change in order to make you feel that you no longer need to protest?
  • What needs to happen in order to achieve your goals? Do you think that your strikes are enough to win, or will some other form of action be necessary?
  • What do your families and friends think? Are they on board? Will they join the movement?
  • Do you need any help in achieving your goals? Who would you like to see join your protests?

If you want to contact us with answers to these questions, you can comment below, email us at, or join the discussion on Facebook.

15 March 2019, London. Photo: Katherine Hearst
Details of UK strikes available here. A guide on how adults can best support has been produced is available from the Campaign against Climate Change website.

Who we are – revolutionary socialism in the 21st century

We are a network of revolutionary socialists. We believe capitalism is a major barrier to tackling climate change effectively or fairly. Even if capitalism could solve climate change, we want to get rid of it anyway, because it is a deeply unfair and unjust system that causes inequality, poverty and misery for billions of people.

We believe that there is a better way of organising our society, our economy, and our lives. We want a fair system, based on real democracy – a system where we create wealth for the good of the many, based on social need, not for private profit.

You are the future. You will inherit the earth. Whatever state it’s in, it will be up to you to ensure that our planet’s resources are shared fairly and equally among all its peoples. We believe your protests are a fantastic starting point in this project, and we want to help your movement grow and join you in this task.

Join the discussion online – you can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Check here for local groups where you can come to discuss your movement and the fight for a better world. Maybe together we can all learn some useful lessons.


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