Refugee Lifeboat: Statement of intent

Refugee Lifeboat is an activist group standing with migrants through material solidarity and political interventions. Like them on Facebook here!

Refugee Lifeboat stands for uncompromising solidarity with migrants. The problems migrants face can only be addressed on a political basis, from opposing war and imperialism which drives people from their homes through conflict and economic ruin, to confronting the state racism which justifies sending gunboats rather than lifeboats to meet migrants in the Mediterranean, and raids, detains and deports those fortunate enough to have safely made the journey.

With the growth of far-right organising and the centrality of borders in fascist propaganda we can clearly see how important migrant solidarity is in building the fight against racism and fascism more generally. Our focus on migrant solidarity forces us to see that the state is complicit in the growth of racism and the far right and forces us to confront the fact that a merely humanitarian response to the crisis faced by migrants is not enough.

We work to provide direct practical and material solidarity with migrants through regular trips to Calais and elsewhere to distribute donations, but also through waging a political struggle against the state, racism and imperialism to fight the politics which create a hostile environment for migrants in the first place.

There are many ways you can help; by donating, running stalls, organising against racism and organising material solidarity.



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