2018 in protest photos

Steve Eason looks back over his photographs of the movements on the streets in 2018, from the anniversary of the Grenfell fire to the Extinction Rebellion bridge occupations.

14 June 2018. Justice for Grenfell: one year on.

The People’s Vote

This year London saw one of the biggest marches in its recent history: over half a million The People’s Vote demonstration. It was not so much ignored as dismissed by many of my lefty friends.

23 June 2018. March for a People’s Vote

I never expected to be on a mass demo led by Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry…

20 October 2018. March for a People’s Vote.

Meanwhile, on the left bloc:

20 October 2018. March for a People’s Vote

Confronting the far right

Many of us were shocked by a very large demonstration called on 9 June to bring together kippers, the alt-right, Islamophobes and assorted bigots. Dangerous times.

9 June 2018. Dangerous times.

There was also a big turn-out of Tommy Robinson supporters at the Old Bailey on 27 September.

27 September 2018. Tommy Robinson supporters at the Old Bailey.

But there have also been new ways of organising against the right. Feminists led a counter-protest that disrupted a DFLA march on 13 October.

13 October 2018. Antifascists disrupt DFLA march

Feminists Against Fascism counter-protesting Tommy Robinson’s Brexit rally on 9 December:

9 December 2018. Counter-protesting Tommy Robinson’s Brexit rally with Feminists against Fascism

Defend our NHS, stand up for migrants

A protest for the NHS anniversary brought lots of us together.

3 February 2018. Defend the NHS march.
3 February 2018. Defend the NHS march

So did demonstrations Against Trump:

13 July 2018. Stop Tump demonstration in London

In solidarity with the Windrush generation – one of the most distinctive banners of 2018:

5 May 2018. Windrush protest. One of the most distinctive banners of the year.

In solidarity with the Stansted 15, convicted for defending migrants:

11 December 2018. Stansted 15 rally at the Home Office

The Labour Party

I’ve been impressed by the numbers of Labour Party banners seen on demonstrations, including antifascist counter-demonstrations.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet have marched with demonstrators, including John McDonnell –  “The Lion that struggles to roar”.

12 May 2018. TUC march and rally. John McDonnell: “The Lion that struggles to roar”

Jeremy Corbyn has addressed numerous demonstrations:

30 June 2018. NHS anniversary march and rally. Corbyn’s salute

Workers’ struggles

University workers braved the snow during the pensions dispute:

28 February 2018. UCU strike and march in a blizzard
28 February 2018. UCU strike and march. “Deficit is an anti-social construct”: Discuss…

Activists from the TGI Fridays Fair Pay campaign joined the TUC march.

12 May 2018. TUC march and rally

Climate Change

We’ve seen lively Climate Change protests, not least by a new movement called Extinction Rebellion.

17 November 2018. Extinction Rebellion occupy Westminster Bridge
1 December 2018. Extinction Rebellion supporters at March for Climate Justice
1 December 2018. March for Climate Justice. Underwater photography!

Whatever your movement, good luck in the New Year.


All photographs by Steve Eason.


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