Video: Redskins – A flame that can’t be dimmed

Tony Aldis and Colin Revolting pay tribute to the revolutionary rock and soul band Redskins in this ten minute film. 

Inspired by The Clash and militant Soul music, the Redskins burnt brightly in the 1980s. They raged against capitalism with fire, passion and revolutionary politics. The 1984-5 miners strike was the pinnacle of their power, playing benefit gigs, appearing on TV and raising support for the strikers. This ten minute tribute brings together the best of their songs, videos and interviews. The video reunites for the first time the words of striking miner Norman Strike with the footage from the Redskins appearance on TV. He was invited to introduce their song but somehow the microphone wasn’t working.

The Redskins are gone but their legacy lives on with a message much needed today. Radical culture is a crucial component for any movement for mass social change; take no heroes – only inspiration.

Watch out for Colin Revolting’s Redskin reminisces coming soon on



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