Fighting for justice in the Rif!

For almost 9 months ordinary Moroccans have been fighting for justice following the death in October of Mouhcine Fikri crushed in a garbage truck, in the Rif town of al-Hoceima. We publish here a rs21 statement in solidarity with the movement

Photo: Mo Achahbar. Yesterday in El-Hoceima

Last night, rs21 members again admired the courage and the power of the Moroccan working class in their struggle against state violence, and for dignity and self-determination. To those tens of thousands of people in al-Hoceima’s central square last night and to their supporters, we extend our solidarity and our comradeship.

The martyring of Mohsin Fakri on the 28th October 2016 only proved once again the violence inherent to the Moroccan state – to every capitalist state – and the need for the working class, in Morocco as elsewhere, to fight against the systems of exploitation and oppression that the state cannot but support.

Mohsin Fakri’s killing led to nationwide protests; those protests have continued since then, with especial strength in the city of al-Hoceima itself and the wider Rif region.

We recognise and condemn the long history of European and Moroccan state repression and state neglect of the Rif region, and support every effort against these in the region and beyond.

As rs21 members, we re-affirm our solidarity and our comradeship with the protestors, and we here commit to support, with our limited means, those groups fighting against exploitation and oppression in the Rif.

Beyond our rhetorical solidarity, we hereby commit to publicising the Rifian struggle through our website, if our comrades there feel this would be useful; our members are ready to work with any UK-based group fighting for emancipation in the region.

Long live the people!

‘ash al-Sh’ab!



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