Video report: Cinema workers strike for Living Wage

Colin Wilson reports from the picket line in Hackney, in east London.

Strikers on the picket line at Hackney Picturehouse
Workers at Hackney Picturehouse are on strike from Friday to Sunday after spending years trying to get their managers to address employees’ concerns.

Their needs include the London Living Wage, union recognition and proper sick pay. They point out that Cineworld, which owns Picturehouse, made £83.8 million profit in 2015. Yet, while it likes to be seen as an ethical business, it has refused to even negotiate with staff.

The strike drew inspiration from the strike at the Ritzy cinema in 2014, which won staff a 26% pay rise. The Ritzy, also owned by Picturehouse, is also on strike again now to keep management  to their commitments of two years ago.

Picturehouse is owned by Cineworld, which is a big multinational corporation. They make fortunes. The idea that they pay starvation wages because they can get people who are desperate for work is absolutely shocking. Victory to the Picturehouse strikers.

Ken Loach

Three things you can do


  1. Just a quick note to say Tara Rooney is not CEO of Cineworld but VP of Human Resources. Still very much worth emailing her though!


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