Unite Against Trident

Brian Parkin and Raymond M have written a new rs21 pamphlet taking on the arguments about Trident, the arms industry and diversification into socially useful production.

Cover of rs21 "Unite against Trident" pamphlet, shows Trident launch

The issue of Trident has proved to be massively divisive within the UK labour movement and beyond. Undoubtedly Trident was one of the issues around which the right of the Parliamentary Labour Party staged their coup against the Corbyn leadership. But Trident – and the issue of arms production generally, has for far too long been manipulated by governments, the defence industry, and much of the trade union leadership who have a quite misleading argument for job security.

In this pamphlet, written by rank and file union members, an alternative vision of expanding employment away from arms production and into renewable energy and environmental technologies is set out. And in its reasoned and technically informed argument, it lays bare the lie that secure jobs can ever be assured in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

The pamphlet will be sold for £2.


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