Topshop targeted for victimisation of union activists

Photos by Steve Eason.

On 14 May United Voices of The World organised a national protest at Topshop stores around the UK, calling for a living wage and trade union recognition. Over 100 people demonstrated in central London’s Oxford Street. We were joined by the SOAS cleaners, Class War, Ian Hodson from the Bakers and Allied Food Workers Untion (BFAWU), Unite members from New Zealand and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP. A spontaneous march from Topshop at Oxford Circus to Marble Arch stopped off at a number of flagship stores including John Lewis and led to shops closing their doors.

The event was reported in both national and international media. Britannia Service Group, Topshop’s cleaning contractor, recently sacked two workers, Susana and Carolina, who were leading the campaign for a living wage. We demand that the Topshop Two be reinstated!







Similar protests occurred in 17 cities across the UK. In Cambridge members of Unite Community staged a noisy demonstration outside the Topshop branch. Video by James Youd.


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