Nazis smash and draw swastika in blood on anti-fascist coaches on way to Dover demo

Report via Anindya Bhattacharyya


Around 200 anti-fascists from London, who were en-route to protest against fascists in Dover, are currently held at Maidstone service station after a coachload of Nazi’s smashed up one of the anti-fascist coaches.

While stopped at the services, fascists wearing Combat 18 and Enoch Powell t-shirts ran at the anti-fascist demonstrators and there was a confrontation. When the anti-fascists went back to their coaches, the fascists tooled up with bits of woods and bins.  They attacked one of the coaches and smashed in the windows. One of them daubed a swastika in blood on the side of another of the coaches.

“Fascists tried to claim they were ‘peacefully protesting’ while smashing in our coach.” said Julie, a teacher from London.

A variety of Nazi groups including the National Front were planning to march through Dover today to take advantage of the anti-immigrant climate whipped up by the media and government. They have been opposed by large numbers of anti-fascists from Kent and around the country.


  1. A bitter lesson we learned in the 70’s and early 80’s was NEVER to stop at service stations- particularly on short or medium distance journey’s. Various instances of broken ribs, concussion and knife wounds not to mention coach-hire cancellations taught us that comrades had to put up with swollen bladders and/or going hungry rather than take risks. Some people are bound to be a bit shaken after today’s experience but I hope all are well.


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