1. Labour was a party that was set up directly to challenge the unquestioned right of the upper echelons, the aristocracy, big business, connected types to do what the hell they liked, and latterly the Middle class who now have attained the same position today as the upper echelons had a hundred years ago. The heart of Labour are the aspirations of ‘ordinary’ people to get on, prosper and move up the social scale. Indeed, the heart of progressive modern democracies is social mobility. Without that, even wealthy societies stagnate, deteriorate and become one party states like America et al. Basically capitalism extreme right or very centre right. The inference now being that socialism of any kind is to be sneered at and dismissed. Isn’t it also ironic that basic issues like social justice, a living wage, workers rights, free speech, the right to organise and resist unfair government policies are always seen as ‘socialism’ or ‘left wing’? More propaganda very carefully spun and weaved from the divisive and duplicitous.

    We need, even if the so called Middle class London chattering class dominated Left won’t, to openly debate these issues, and why when the talk of anti racism and equality are never far from the lips or the ‘agendas’ of the Left elite in London, things have never been so bad and economically divided for nearly a hundred years? The so called anti racist movements and equality movements are at worst merely a smokescreen by the media and other Fabian socialists to excuse and pursue a policy of Americanised capitalism on Britain. And that system is basically thus: A rich out of touch elite who do not pay tax, a completely servile, emasculated and apolitical Middle class who collude via the media and other institutions with the rich and the powerful as long as they get the good careers and assured futures and use the media to disseminate right wing ideology, and the poor are basically left to fight for the crumbs and survive the onslaught of class and other prejudices carefully and not so carefully breathed out from a media that is now basically bought and sold by the wealthy and the establishment like in the US.


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