Cambridge rallies to refugee cause

Mitch Mitchell reports on a march and rally in support of refugees in Cambridge.


Yesterday in Cambridge city centre, over 150 people gathered for a short march and rally in support of refugees, many of whom are stranded in a camp under harsh conditions in the French port of Calais.

The march began at just after 10.30am from outside King’s College and went around the market square to finish outside the Guildhall where speeches were made. There were many colourful, home made banners and placards. The mood amongst marchers was good, but resolutely angry with the UK government and, indeed, some European governments, for their poor and inept handling of this humanitarian catastrophe and some of the emotive and racist language adopted by politicians such as David Cameron and Philip Hammond.

Among the speakers was Daniel Zeichner, the Labour MP for Cambridge.  Sarah Whitebread, the rally organiser and a former Lib Dem county councillor spoke. I also spoke on behalf of the London2Calais Convoy group.

The event coincided with others being held in Barcelona and Paris and was featured on both ITV News and Channel 4.

A collection was made on behalf of both the next London2Calais trip on 19 September and other groups who attended, raising over £250 in a very short space of time.


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