Thanet demonstration against UKIP

Colin Revolting reports on a demonstration in Thanet rejecting UKIP in its supposed heartland.

2015-02-28 12.19.13

A grassroots campaign against UKIP is being built across Thanet in Kent and today saw a buoyant march of between 750 and 1000 people flowing along the Margate seafront from the train station to the Winter Gardens.

The Thanet Stand Up to UKIP march was made up largely of locals marching groups of friends and families with homemade placards carrying such topical references as “Racists are illogical, Captain,” and “When the renewable energy runs out, I will vote UKIP”.

Four coachloads of protesters came from Ipswich and London to show solidarity with a local campaign which has national significance. There was a welcoming response from many pedestrians and car horns tooted in support. The march had a healthy cultural element with samba band Feast of Fools drumming up a rhythm throughout the march and an after march party in a local night club with a variety of rappers, DJs and singers.

The range of speakers at the end of march rally reflects the potential for a campaign against the divide and rule politics of all anti-immigration parties, UKIP included.

The march was a show of strength and a tribute the sustained work of local campaigning against Nigel Farage’s hope of riding the anti-immigrant wave.


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