Media roundup – protests across America against police racism

Protests are taking place in cities and colleges across the US – and striking fast food workers are linking the fight against police racism with their struggle for a living wage. We’ve brought together pictures from dozens of marches and die-ins, and more protests are planned for the next few days.

Photo: Susan Melkisethian, flickr
Die-in, Washington DC. Photo: Susan Melkisethian, flickr

Protests have continued across the US – and are continuing into next week – against police violence against black Americans, and the justice system’s failure to hold police to account. Last Wednesday, it was announced that the cop who choked Eric Garner to death in New York will not face charges. On 24 November we had learned that Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown, will not be indicted. Only two days before that, twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was shot dead by a cop in Cleveland Ohio. On Saturday 6 December the funeral took place of Akai Gurley, described by the New York police commissioner as a “total innocent” after he was shot by an inexperienced cop in a Brooklyn stairwell.

Here we include photos from some of the protests. There have been demonstrations and die-ins in city centres and on college campuses. The protests have also linked up with strikes on Thursday by fast food and other retail workers, many of them people of colour, for whom the struggle to win decent pay and the struggle against police racism are parts of the same fight for equality and respect.

Street Protests

Wednesday: vigil outside Baltimore police department. Photo by SocialJusticeSeeker812, flickr

Interstate 35
Thursday: protesters close Interstate 35, Minneapolis. Photo by Fibonacci Blue, flickr

Boston transport
Thursday: die-in on the Boston subway

Las Vegas Thurs - Beverly Yuen Thompson
Thursday: protest in Las Vegas. Photo by Beverly Yuen Thompson, flickr

NY Thurs
Thursday: protesters block traffic in New York

NY Thurs 2
Thursday: New York protesters link arms as they march

Boston protest Fri
Friday: thousands protest in Boston

Die in - Verizon Centre, DC Friday
Friday: die-in, Washington DC

Cleveland Ohio Friday
Friday: march in Cleveland, Ohio

Die in Miami Fri
Friday: die-in in Miami, Florida

Florida Fri
Friday: protesters block the highway in Florida

Pittsburgh Fri
Friday: die-in in Pittsburgh

Atlanta Sat 3
Saturday: die-in on the highway in Atlanta

Berkeley Sat
Saturday: protesters face cops in Berkeley, California


Thursday: University of Southern California. Photo by Neon Tommy, flickr

Die in Grand Central Station Thurs
Thursday: Grand Central Station, New York City

Temple Uni, Philadelphia Thurs
Thursday: Temple University, Philadelphia

Uni of Texas at Austin, Thur
Thursday: University of Texas at Austin

Brooklyn Technical High School Fri
Friday: die-in and protest at Brooklyn Technical High School

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY Fri
Friday: Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

Colombia Fri
Friday: Colombia University, New York City

Harvard Uni Fri
Friday: Harvard University

Uni of Alabama Fri
Friday: University of Alabama

NY Macy's Fri
Friday: inside Macy’s department store, New York City

Uni of Florida Fri
Friday: University of Florida

Uni of Oregon die-in Fri
Friday: University of Oregon

Duke Uni
Duke University, North Carolina

Williamsburg VA - students in library
College library die-in by students in Williamsburg, Virginia

Houston Galleria
Saturday: Houston Galleria. Photo by Elizabeth Brossa, flickr

Fast Food and Other Retail Workers

Fast Food Workers in New Orleans
Fast food workers protest in New Orleans – fighting for $15 an hour, and with their hands up

Fast food workers in St Louis die in
Die-in at St. Louis convenience store


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