Duggan family launches fresh appeal for witnesses on anniversary of Mark’s death

The Justice for Mark Duggan family campaign is launching a fresh appeal for witnesses to Mark’s death at the hands of police three years ago today.

The only independent witness to the shooting to come forward so far was “Witness B”, who described Mark’s killing as an “execution”. The Justice for Mark campaign hopes a fresh witness appeal will encourage others who may have seen something to come forward.

The appeal follows a critical report from the Coroner Judge Keith Cutler into the inquest verdict against Mark last year. Judge Cutler refers to “doubts about the accuracy of police accounts”, the “scope for conferring” between police, handling of crime scene evidence, as well as “the significant issue of how and when the gun got some distance from Mark’s body”.

Mark’s family will join those of others who have died in police custody for a march and vigil today. “I stand with the Duggan family in remembrance of their loved one, Mark.” said Marcia Rigg, the sister of Sean Rigg, who died in a Brixton police station in 2008. Others set to attend include relatives of Cherry Groce, Joy Gardner, Christopher Alder, Roger Sylvester and Leon Patterson.

Susan Alexander, mother of Azelle Rodney, sent a message of support to Mark’s family to be read at the vigil. The CPS announced last week that it would be prosecuting “Officer E7” for Azelle’s murder. Azelle was killed during a police “hard stop” in 2005. Six years later Mark Duggan was shot dead, again by police in another “hard stop”.

â–º march and vigil: Monday 4 August; assemble 5pm Broadwater Farm; march to Ferry Lane for vigil 6pm to 7pm
â–º Justice for Mark Duggan appeal for witnesses | campaign press release | Diane Abbott MP’s statement in support of the family campaign.


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