Netanyahu: Wanted for War Crimes


Israel has been bombing Gaza for three weeks now. Over a thousand Palestinians are dead, including many children. Refugee camps in Jabaliya and Shati have been bombarded. Homes and schools are reduced to rubble.

Some 20 hospitals and medical centres have been targeted, according to UN figures, while around 170,000 people living in Gaza have been displaced from their homes. Even when they aren’t under direct attacked from Israel, the people of Gaza are blockaded on all sides. Israel controls their airspace, their water table, what gets in and what gets out.

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the deaths of three Israeli teenagers in June as the pretext for sending his troops in to conduct mass repression in the West Bank. On 8 July he launched “Operation Protective Edge”, his latest war on Gaza. Now Netanyahu promises Israelis that his latest murderous offensive will extend to a “lengthy campaign” against the Palestinians.

What can we do in Britain to help the Palestinians?

  • We have to keep the magnificent protests in solidarity with Gaza that have sprung up around the country. They tell the world that we stand with Palestine against Israel’s lies and slaughter.
  • We can push for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns in our workplaces, colleges and communities. These tactics can isolate Israel and expose its nature as an essentially racist state.
  • We must build solidarity with Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians – all those across the Middle East and North Africa who have been rising up against their tyrannous leaders and imperial backers.

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Netanyahu: Wanted for War Crimes will be available as a sticker later this week



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