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Ritzy workers went out on their eleventh strike today against Picturehouse Cinema’s refusal to pay the Living Wage. It was also the first time Picturehouse have decided to keep the cinema open to try to break the strike.


Ritzy management were planning to screen Monty Python Live from the O2, but even Monty Python star Terry Jones denounced the move urging customers to stay away:

“Whatever you do, don’t go to the Ritzy Cinema to see the Python O2 Show Live – the staff are going on strike. They are protesting they are not getting the London Living Wage.”

come and see








Sherrl Yanowitz reports from a wet and rainy Brixton:

Ritzy workers walked out on strike again at 5pm tonight as the management tried to screen the Monty Python stage show. Despite a heavy rain storm, the strikers unfurled their new 20-metre long banner (emblazoned with Boycott Picture House) across the entire front of the cinema. Earlier, the management had put up a cardboard wall across the entrance with only one narrow check point in or out. But completely undeterred the strikers and local supporters argued with many potential customers not to go in.”


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(Video: Sherrl Yanowitz)

Here are some more photos from the mass protest against strike breaking, with thanks to Steve Eason and Luke Evans.

boycott women


steel drums


close up

boycott and flg

(Photo by Luke Evans)
(Photo by Luke Evans)

Follow the cinema workers at @CurzonWorkers and @RitzyLivingWage. Come to the benefit for the Ritzy workers on 12 July – for more info click here. Last, but certainly not least, come to the cinema workers rally on Thursday 17 July and sign the petition here.

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