Gaza demonstration – rolling coverage

Reports and updates from today’s #GazaJ19 demo in defence of Gaza.

5.30pm – And at long last, after many complaints, here’s the BBC report.

4.40pm – Palestine Solidarity announces next protests are at 5.30 on Tuesday at the Israeli Embassy, and then next Saturday from Whitehall.

4.30pm – Thousands have marched through Glasgow in the rain in support of Palestine.

Glasgow rally 1

3.55pm – Paris police are attacking banned French protest with tear gas.


3.40pm – Vereran socialist campaigner Tariq Ali speaking now: “We demand one democratic state for everyone who lives there, not an apartheid state.” Crowd chants “One state! One state!”

3.37pm – Leah Levane: “Israel, you do not speak for us. We come from a different tradition, one that stands with the oppressed and refuses to become the oppressor.”

3.35pm – PSC report “Huge roar as Leah Levane from Jews for Justice for Palestinians says ‘Not in our name!'”

3.20pm – UNITE and NUT speakers on the platform at the end of the march. Andrew Murray of UNITE pledges “If you trade with those who abuse human rights, we will boycott.”


3.05pm – The organisers estimate the size of the London demo at 100,000.

3.00pm – The march in Dublin has now set off. (Pic by Rabble)


2.45pm – The front of the demo is in Kensington, back end is two miles away in Green Park. Still not mentioned on the BBC News website.

2.40pm – Lindsey German of Stop the War speaking at rally: “This demo is itself a sign of the resistance that is going on. We will demonstrate until Palestine is free.”

2.35pm – March takes 30 minutes to go past. First marchers are now arriving in Kensington near the Israeli embassy.


1.55pm – King’s College London and other students stage a die-In to mark the death of the hundreds of innocent people murdered by Israel.

Die in

Die in 2

1.35pm – Big protest is also assembling in Glasgow. (Pic by JustEddie via Twitter.)


1.25pm – Whitehall completely rammed.

Whitehall crowd

1.20pm – March setting off. Palestine Solidarity reporting that it fills the whole of Whitehall and beyond. (Pic by PSC)

Demo Whitehall

12.55pm – The demo is so big that buses in central London are grinding to a halt. Transport for London is telling passengers that if they have a bus ticket they can use the tube instead.

12.45pm – Assembling demo is huge, here’s another pic (by Rob Pinney on Twitter).

Downing St 2

12.10pmPalestine Solidarity’s live stream of the opening rally at Downing Street is available here.

Downing St noon

12 noon – Thousands of people are assembling at Downing Street, chanting “Free Palestine”.


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