Solidarity on the tube strike picket lines

Members of North London rs21 report from the picket line at Finsbury Park station.

Photo: Mirela Mela

We’ve talked to the workers and gave them support and solidarity. One worker said she would have to take between a £6000 to £12000 pay cut. She had been working in the ticket office for 15 years. Another worker said that the company is offering supervisors managerial positions to try to break up the union.

The Finsbury Park picket line will be going on untill 3pm today and all day tomorrow when they are expecting more people. They said the key is solidarity, which they have from the train drivers, as the train drivers know they are next, with plans for completely automated trains. What they need is support from other work places, so head down to your nearest picket line and try to do a collection at work.


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