Vienna: 8,000 march against Nazi ball

image reports:

Holocaust survivors, former partisans, trade unionists, local Social Democrats and Greens, and students on 24 January turned out in a 8,000 strong march against the German nationalist student corporations and the fascist Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

Young and old, people with their babies, homemade banners and a great portion of anger took the streets to oppose the state and media who tried to delegitimise the protests as »violent« beforehand.

»We have the right to protest today«, said Rudolf Gelbard, a survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, »We will do that again and again when we recognize a threat to democracy. The slogan of the Spanish civil war is still valid – ¡No pasarán!«

 Read the full report here (scroll down for English version)

 BBC: Vienna ‘far-right’ ball condemned in mass protests



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