Factories without bosses: occupation wins in Argentina

(photo from www.8300.com.ar)

Suzie Wylie writes from Argentina

After 12 years of occupation and struggle at the Zanon ceramic tile factory in Neuquén, in southern Argentina, the courts have awarded the title deed for the property to the factory workers.

The Ceramics Union declared, “We have fought, and will keep fighting to demonstrate that the day that we decided to take our destiny in our own hands was not in vain. We place enormous value on the historical methods of the workers’ movement. Our methods have been the assembly of workers as the sovereign decision-making body, the mobilization and the road block. And we did not surrender to any government.”

Starting from today the workers’ management of FaSinPat (Fábricas Sin Patron – Factories without Bosses) will be able to get credit from the government to renovate the machinery and improve production. The factory was at the point of closing but now provides work for and sustains 450 families.

The union statement ends: “Any factory that is shut down should be occupied and put into production again. Thank you to all those who believed in and continue to believe in the power of the workers.”

 Read more on this story (in Spanish) at anred.org


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