Kent International Socialists produce solidarity bulletin


Kent International Socialists write:

Kent International Socialists formed after many members in the Kent district of the SWP left the organisation. However, we quickly realised we had a responsibility to try and keep our networks together as revolutionaries, given the rise of UKIP and the NF in Thanet, as well as engaging in anti-austerity activity and much else that we did while in the SWP. We set ourselves up as a new grouping in east Kent.

Given that the majority of our activity involved meeting people on the streets when we were selling Socialist Worker, we decided to launch a bulletin named Kent Solidarity. We needed to quickly identify ourselves and to draw people to our politics. We can use the bulletin on the streets, at demos and take to meetings, workplaces and picket lines. It is written by the comrades from Kent and we use national and international articles from the web too.

We remain in the International Socialist tradition.

We would encourage all local groups to produce a bulletin.

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