Subdued anger as hundreds gather at Mark Duggan vigil


Around 1,000 gathered today outside Tottenham police station in north London at 2pm for a vigil to remember Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police on 4 August 2011. Earlier this week a jury delivered a “lawful killing” verdict for Mark’s inquest. The family believes the verdict is “perverse” and has vowed to fight on to get justice for Mark.

Speakers at the vigil included Mark’s aunt Carole Duggan, veteran Tottenham campaigner Stafford Scott, local pastor Rev Nims Obunge and Hackney MP Diane Abbott. They were joined by family of others who have died at the hands of the authority, including Roger Sylvester’s brother Rupert, Sean Rigg’s sister Marcia and representatives from the United Family & Friends Campaign and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.


“Let’s remember Mark the way he was and not the way he’s been portrayed as,” Carole Duggan told the crowd. She thanked independent witnesses who came forward at the inquest to offer testimony that contradicted the police version of events.

Stafford detailed the evidence given by the police officers who shot Mark, to cries of “lies!” and “rubbish!” from the crowd. “666 is the sign of the beast: turn it round and you get the police,” he said to cheers.


A speaker from the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign announced a public meeting into his death on 30 January, 7pm, at the Bruce Grove community house in Tottenham. Diane Abbott announced a meeting in parliament on the issue to take place shortly. Marcia Rigg revealed news that a new investigation into Sean’s death had been announced.

The vigil’s mood was peaceful, respectful and dignified – but brimming with anger at the police, determination to fight for justice, and a grim awareness of the history of police violence against ordinary people locally and more widely.

It ended with Mark’s family releasing doves to cries of “No justice, no peace!” from the gathered well-wishers.


(words, pics and video from @bat020 on Twitter)


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