The revolutionary paper today

Ian A from has written a response to debates about the revolutionary press and the role of the internet in recent bulletins. He surveys Chris Harman’s writing on these questions, and makes several recommendations – including using the web as “the central organ” for the party’s message and regenerating a culture of local leaflet production. Ian concludes:

The SWP has allowed itself to fall a long way behind in its efforts to communicate and organise. Instead of seizing on every opportunity to apply and develop Lenin’s politics in the light of technological change, we have clung on to the form of the revolutionary paper while our practice has changed to rob it of much of its political content.

If we are to build effectively, we need a decisive shift to correct our errors as quickly as possible. We cannot afford to fritter away opportunities to build by clinging to outdated methods which are clearly not working.

Read “The paper” here.


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