#M2013: Paul Le Blanc’s review of Marxism 2013

The links.org.au online journal has published Paul Le Blanc’s take on this year’s Marxism festival. He writes:

The SWP is undergoing a crisis which is only one aspect of a much larger phenomenon, taking place on a global scale within the revolutionary left. This involves a recomposition of the revolutionary socialist movement as a political force, in tandem with the struggles of the multi-faceted working class struggling against the effects of the present world crisis of capitalism.

In what follows, I want to offer a report on what I was able to observe while attending Marxism 2013. I will also take up various issues having to do with discussions and debates having to do with the Leninist tradition and how it relates to realities and struggles of our time.

Read ‘Revolutionary elements in London: Marxism 2013 and its context’ here.


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