#M2013: The opening rally

Mark Bergfeld writes:

A couple of things which stood out for me about last night’s Marxism opening rally. Mireia Gargallo, an En Lucha comrade from Spain, spoke about how they organised a strike in a massive private sector company – and about how the trade union bureaucracy had thrown its weight against the strike.

She emphasised the need to organise precarious workers and create structures that can create a new layer in the trade union movement. She also demanded that we fight sexism in society and in our political organisations. We should think about what that means for our political practice in recent weeks and months.

Henrique Sanchez from Brazil highlighted the need to continuously renew the tradition so to relate to new layers who enter the struggle. Both Mireira and Henrique show the best side of the International Socialist tradition. I hope we see more of that this weekend.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0mrHhj_hWE]

[credit: video from swpTvUk on YouTube]


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