Mark Bergfeld responds on the Pop-Up Union

Mark Bergfeld has written more on the Pop-Up Union at Sussex University in this months Socialist Review. Mark says Sandy Nicoll’s earlier article fails to address concrete questions or start from a position of solidarity:

Of course the Pop-Up Union contains problems. Socialists shouldn’t deny this. Yet we ought to stand in support when rank-and-file workers develop novel forms of organisation which broaden the scope of their struggle… We have to deal with the Pop-Up Union constructively, rather than simply dismissing it and cutting ourselves off from having any influence over its political direction.

Read “Start with solidarity” here.

Also on this topic is Ian Llewellyn’s letter from Sussex. He says the Pop-Up “has been invaluable for workers” and aims to “involve people on the broadest basis”.

Sandy Nicoll’s article appeared in the June issue of Socialist Review, while Mark’s original article was published by Ceasefire magazine.


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