On the Pop-Up Union at Sussex University

Mark Bergfeld has written a provocative article in Ceasefire magazine welcoming the Pop-Up Union formed by workers at the University of Sussex to resist privatisation plans. 

The Pop-up Union was formed to break through the ossified local union structure on campus, characterised by conservative leadership and “zombie” branches. It is a symptom of wider political radicalisation on campus. The political experience of younger workers has propelled them to reshape and contest the established relationship between the rank-and-file and trade union bureaucracy at Sussex. It presents an exciting opportunity to reinvigorate both the student and trade union movement at Sussex and beyond.

Read “On the Pop-Up Union at Sussex University” here.

The SWP leadership has responded to Mark’s article in a piece bylined to Sandy Nicoll in the June issue of Socialist Review. Mark will be replying in turn in the next issue of Socialist Review.


Note: This piece was published before rs21 was established as an independent organisation in January 2014. rs21 was founded by a group of people who had been in the opposition within the SWP and who left in response to its persistent mishandling of rape and sexual harassment allegations against a leading member.


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