Cass Review: dangerous and transphobic

Lisa Leak and Colin Wilson explain why we should reject Cass and renew the fight for trans liberation.

The Courtaulds strike of 1965 – Black workers fighting back

Sue Sparks of the IS History Project uncovers the history of one of the first Black workers' strikes against racism in the 1960s. 

rs21 – the first ten years

For the tenth anniversary of the launch of rs21, Jonny Jones reflects on a decade of activity, our ups and downs, challenges and achievements, and considers our hopes for the future.


Report from the Newcastle University encampment

As the number of Palestine solidarity encampments at campuses continues to grow rs21 spoke to Brian Underhill from the encampment at Newcastle University.

Kick out the Tories, prepare to fight Starmer

Colin Wilson analyses the 2 May council and mayoral elections in England.
Tents outside Sheffield uni, police standing in front of the Glasgow Home Office gates, police and protestors at sites in London.

Long hot summer?

London, Glasgow, Manchester - a brief flash of activity or the start of a long hot summer?

Fighting oppression

Dover’s dodgy defector

Keir Starmer's acceptance of hard-right Natalie Elphicke into the Labour party has shocked and dismayed many. East Kent resident Danny Bee explains why he's not happy at having her as his Labour MP.
Rishi Sunak grinning at a baby, and on right, Sunak at a conservative party conference stage.

The Tories’ pro-natalism agenda

Colin Wilson unpacks the right-wing agendas behind the new Tory childcare policy.

Video | Abolition Revolution

Why do we have a police force in the first place? How does policing uphold racism, capitalism and colonialism?

Cost of living

School strikes: results and prospects

The tragedy of ending the dispute now is squandering the momentum and resolve we have built.

Base rate rises, housing crises?

'We need to fight back together and find solidarity across lines that have previously been staged as battle lines.'

Why is the NEU recommending a bad deal?

rs21 teachers explain what has happened in the NEU and what we can do about it.

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International and imperialism

From protest to resistance

As student camps in support of Gaza and divestment from Israel continue to spring up on campuses, Tempest Collective member Joe Allen explains the impact they are having on American politics. 

Remembering the Portuguese Revolution

Marxist historian Raquel Varela remembers the Portuguese revolution of April 25 1974 and its aftermath
Activists holding a large banner that reads ‘sponsored by BP’ form a blockade outside the front gates of the British Museum.

Interview with Energy Embargo for Palestine

rs21 interviews the activist group Energy Embargo for Palestine


Climate failure sparks SNP crisis

Pete Cannell looks at how the gulf between the SNP's rhetoric and climate policies that relied on partnership with the oil and gas industry sparked a crisis.
Sun sets over arid landscape

Climate denial and far right populism

Pete Cannell explores the way in which far right populist parties are using climate denial as a key part of their agenda. 
photo of a mine

Extraction of raw materials could rise 60% by 2060 – and...

Gareth Dale debunks the notion that mass extraction of minerals is necessary for an ecologically sustainable society.

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Empire of Normality

Hazel Croft talks to author Robert Chapman about their new book and discusses neurodiversity and how we can challenge the capitalist logics of ‘normality'.

Review | The State and Revolution

Lenin's The State and Revolution is one of the most important books he ever wrote, a restatement and rediscovery of the revolutionary understanding of the state.

Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Housing activist Kate Bradley reviews Nick Bano’s Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

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Videos and audio

The Neil Davidson Lecture 2023: Uneven and combined development in Neil Davidson’s work

Raquel Valera on Neil Davidson's contribution to the theory of uneven and combined development and revolution.

Video | Globalising the Intifada

Watch talks from Hil Aked, Barnaby Raine and Anindya Bhattacharya from an rs21 meeting in London on 5 December 2023.

Video | End the siege of Gaza: building solidarity with Palestine

Anindya Bhattacharyya discusses the shifting landscape of Palestinian solidarity campaigning during the siege of Gaza.

Reflections on International Workers’ Memorial Day

To mark IWMD, the rs21 Art Group made a zine with Cut-Through Collective, which we distributed in Glasgow and London across the May Day weekend.