Maternity Care in Crisis

The number of cases of mother and baby deaths and injuries being investigated at NHS hospitals in Shropshire has risen dramatically. Shropshire Defend Our...

‘Legitimate Concerns’: the Language of Division

The importance of political language is hard to underestimate. Language is used not only in the most practical sense, as a verbal or written...

The Looming Massacre in Idlib

The regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is threatening to carry out a massive assault on the province of Idlib, including a potential chemical...

US prison strike: the slaves rebel

US prison strike slavery
The heroic strike action of prisoners in the United States highlights the potential for revolt among America's modern-day slave population


Repeal: A fight against misogyny and the legacy of imperialism

Today voters in the Republic of Ireland go to the polls to decide whether or not to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish...
Syrian Civil War socialist revolution

Syria is not exceptional: interview with Joseph Daher | Part 1

Syrian socialist author Joseph Daher discusses the nature of the Assad regime and the social basis of the uprising against it which began in 2011
Jewish anti-Zionists

No community without politics

The mirage of a "mainstream Jewish community", often weaponised against the left, hides the fact that "community" itself is always a site of struggle and contestation

Capitalism’s life source: the domestic and social basis for exploitation

Tithi Bhattacharya responds to questions about her new book on social reproduction theory.

Living with depression under capitalism

Kate Bradley looks at her experience of depression, the interplay of austerity and mental health problems, and the ambivalent role of state services


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