Trans+ Pride March, central London, September 2020

The right-on-right battle behind the ‘war on woke’

The 'war on woke' scapegoats trans people and migrants - but also reflects deep divisions on the right.

Mad Pride campaigns for psychiatric abolition

Hundreds gathered to oppose abuse of psychiatric patients, celebrate Mad culture, and call for psychiatric abolition.
Marchers on TUC protest with "pay should match inflation" placard

Five reasons why pay rises don’t cause inflation

The real causes are global factors like Covid and the war in Ukraine – as well as corporate profiteering.


Stikers and suppoeters at King's Cross, London

Rail strikers win widespread support – but not from Labour

Trade unionists support rail workers' picket lines - but Labour MP Sam Tarry is sacked for attending one.
Picket line at Paddington, London

Strike round-up: National strikes begin, local disputes winning

Local disputes are winning double-digit pay rises, with national strikes starting this week and public sector unions balloting for action.
Strikers on the picket line

1,800 NW England bus drivers strike over pay

Unite members at Arriva North West started a continuous strike on Wednesday after the company offered a mere 3%.

Cost of living

Protesters carry banner, "we have the right to eat, to heat"

Six things you can do to fight the cost-of-living crisis

The cost of living is going up. Community campaigns and workers are fighting back.

Major demonstration marks growing revolt over cost of living

The TUC march on Saturday was the biggest union demo for many years.
Gas flame under pan

Let them burn oil – Sunak and energy bills

Rishi Sunak’s latest U-turn in response to the cost of living crisis shows the Tories scrambling for a response.

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Ukraine crisis

Graffiti is a flying bird in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Interview about the Ukrainian Resistance, the state of war, the dynamics of class struggle and popular consciousness, and the tasks of the international Left in building solidarity with Ukraine.

Striking union organisers raided by Russian security forces

Russian security forces raided the apartments of independent trade unionists in Moscow in a direct attack on the organising of gig workers.
Crowd with placards. One has chess board and 'stop playing with our lives'. Another reads 'Stop the war your imperialist pigs'

Russia’s war and the West

Gareth Dale responds to an article by Tom Bramble exploring the reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Protest against the Slivertown tunnel

The Silvertown tunnel is a health disaster

On Saturday 11 June, the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition held a Health Summit for a packed audience in Newham.
A photo of the occupation of the British Museum by BP or not BP

Activists occupy the British Museum

This weekend, climate and anti-colonial activists occupied the British Museum in opposition to its oil sponsorships.
Painting of the swiss peasant wars. Right, the cover art for 'A People's Green New Deal' by Max Ajl.

Moving past the graveyard of Green New Deals

Gus Woody reviews 'A People's Green New Deal' by Max Ajl

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Hating capitalism more than The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto is one of the cornerstones of Marxism. Neil Rogall celebrates a compelling new account of its importance today by author and...
Screenshot is in black and white, showing a man in the foregound wearing a light-coloured coat, looking wistfully to his right, while behind him, a blonde woman stands looking up at him, unsmiling. She leans against a wall, which disappears to the left of the photo, against a backdrop of English scenery.

‘Play for Today’: groundbreaking and still relevant

Simon Donohoe reflects on the groundbreaking TV series 'Play for Today', re-released this year.

London in revolt – revisiting the English Civil War

Andrew Stone looks at a new history of the origins of the English Civil Wars, finding an engaging account of the class character of...

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Videos and audio

Crowd with flags and 'end fire and rehire' banner

Video | Interviews with Go North West bus strikers

The day after ending their successful 12-week strike against #FireAndRehire, Manchester bus strikers spoke to Ian Allinson about the dispute and what comes next.
Large crowd at Black Trans Lives Matter demonstration in London

Video: building the fightback against transphobia in Britain

Charlotte Powell and Jules Joanne Gleeson speak about what is needed to win trans liberation and defeat transphobia in Britain. These talks were recorded during the rs21 event Transphobia in Britain: Building the fightback. Both include captions.
A crowd of people marching through central london at a Black Trans Lives Matter demonstration

Video: The state of transphobia in Britain

In December, rs21 organised a meeting 'Transphobia in Britain: Building the Fightback'. Here we present two of the speeches from that meeting, which give an overview of transphobia in Britain, its impact, and prospects for its defeat.

Remembering the Paris Commune

On the 150th anniversary of the instigation of the Paris Commune, rs21's Art Group presents a video project to commemorate the world's first working-class revolutionary government.