Don’t let Israel hide Ahed’s trial

Ahed Tamimi trial concealment
Israel's apartheid regime is trying to hide its mistreatment of Ahed Tamimi, the teenage Palestinian political prisoner.

“We have to fight this”: interview with a striking lecturer

UK lecturers strike
The strike action beginning next Thursday will be one of the largest ever in UK Higher Education.

Queer emancipation in early Soviet Russia

LGBT Russians, 1921
A long letter from a gay man highlights the emancipation which touched LGBT people across Russia after October 1917.

Manchester bus strike win support at depot protest

Bus depot
Activists and trade unionists staged a solidarity demonstration outside a Cheetham bus depot this morning.


Capitalism’s life source: the domestic and social basis for exploitation

Tithi Bhattacharya responds to questions about her new book on social reproduction theory.

Living with depression under capitalism

Kate Bradley writes about depression, austerity and the ambivalent role of state services.
Socialist views mental illness

The politics of mental health

Hazel Croft argues that, while reducing stigma is a good start, we also need a more radical approach to mental health

Video: Redskins – A flame that can’t be dimmed

This ten minute film pays tribute to the revolutionary rock and soul band Redskins. 

Modernity, Modernism, Revolution (1): The Classic Forms of Uneven and Combined Development

In this first of five pieces, Neil Davidson explores Trotsky's history of combined and uneven development and how it helps us understand capitalist modernity.



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