Local Groups

All local groups are meeting online only during the coronavirus lockdown.

North London rs21
Facebook: rs21 North London
The North London branch meets regularly, usually in Wood Green or around the King’s Cross Area. 

East London rs21
Email: eastlondonrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: East London rs21
The East London branch meets fortnightly, usually alternating between speaker meetings in Bethnal Green and discussion meetings in Dalston.

South London rs21
Email: southlondonrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: South London Revolutionary Socialists
The South London branch usually meets fortnightly.

Bristol rs21
A group of comrades meet regularly in Bristol and coordinate their activities. Email rs21organiser@gmail.com to be put in touch.

Cambridge rs21
Email: cambridge.rs21@gmail.com
Facebook group: rs21 Cambridge

Leicester rs21
Email: rs21eastmidlands@gmail.com
The Leicester branch has public meetings about once a month.

Manchester rs21
Email: manchesterrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Greater Manchester rs21
The Manchester branch organises regular meetings, usually on Mondays at 7pm or Saturdays at 2pm.

Oxford rs21
Email: oxfordrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Oxford rs21
The Oxford branch holds speaker meetings every few weeks alongside other activities including reading and discussion groups.

You can join the Oxford rs21 mailing list here.

International Socialism Scotland
Email: intsocscotland@gmail.com
Facebook: International Socialism Scotland
Twitter: IS Scotland
Website: International Socialism Scotland
There are regular events in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Sussex rs21
There is a group of members who meet in Crawley or Brighton. Email organiser@rs21.org.uk to be put in touch.

Yorkshire rs21

Facebook: Yorkshire revolutionary socialists

There is a group of members in Yorkshire, mainly around Sheffield and Leeds. Email yorkshirers21@gmail.com.

If you are based somewhere where there is no active branch then please email rs21organiser@gmail.com.