Peckham Community Pride 20/2/16 – report with photos and video

Report, photos and video by Steve Eason

Peckham Community Pride, a political, non-commercial march through SE15 from Peckham Library down Rye Lane, protested the anti-immigration raids and the intimidating “go home vans” that have targeted Peckham. Community pride was called by the civil rights group Movement For Justice and Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants (LGSMigrants). Rosemary, a former Yarl’s Wood detainee, spoke as well as local shopkeepers. The march ended with a statement by Marion, student union president at Southwark College and the smashing of an immigration van piñata. 20th February 2016.


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The demo was in part called by Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants


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The immigration van piñata
One of the Peckham shopkeepers who spoke
One of the Peckham shopkeepers who spoke
Rosemary, a former Yarl's Wood detainee
Rosemary, a former Yarl’s Wood detainee


There is also a video for those who want to hear the speakers and see the moment the piñata was smashed:

The next protest at Yarl’s Wood is set for March 12th.


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