Remember Fukushima – no to nuclear power

Banner reads "Japanese Against Nuclear"Just over 70 protesters on Saturday’s CND “Remember Fukushima – No to nuclear power” march in London.

Near half the protesters were Japanese and there were a wide range of ages.

Woman in CND tabard with shark hat. Protester wearing "Fukishima was beautiful" sandwich board Woman and child with Japanese poem banner Woman with "no nukes" placardProtesters Woman with "no nukes" placard Banner reads "Don't forget FUKUSHIMA. Don't restart Sendai nuclear power plant"
We had a long march from Hyde park corner to Parliament. We stopped briefly at the Japanese embassy and had a noisy protest at the offices of Tepco the japanese electric company.
Man on megaphone, march March, child with "just say no to nukes" placard Woman with banner
At the rally opposite Parliament Shigeo Kobayashi spoke of the corruption in the Japanese government and described Tepco as “operating like a mafia”.

Speaker at rally Banner
We had a minutes silence for the victims of the Fukushima disaster.
Pictures and report by Steve Eason


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