New rs21 magazine launch

We are very please to announce the launch of the new rs21 magazine at the People’s Assembly demonstration tomorrow!

In this first edition we focus on the impact of neoliberalism on work. In an analysis piece Ian A looks at the impact of insecurity on fear and confidence. Barbara Jeffery looks at how to resist bullying at work, and we carry the first account of SOAS’ fractional workers struggle. We also publish a number of book reviews related to workplace resistance.

Following the success of UKIP in the European elections, we have a number of short pieces relating to the rise of UKIP.  We are also pleased to publish two extended articles by prominent socialists who are not members of rs21: Ian Birchall on the myth of “Leninism”, and ‘What is Social Reproduction Theory?’ by American socialist Tithi Bhattacharya. If you are interested in writing for our website or magazine please get in touch.

We aim to publish 4-5 editions a year and hope the magazine will evolve over time. If you are have comments, feedback or suggestions please contact us, leave comments on the website, and most importantly – get involved.

The magazine will be on sale for £2.50. To get a copy find us at the demonstration tomorrow, at protests and strikes over the coming weeks, contact your local rs21 group, or subscribe






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